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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Version 1.9 is out and awesome !

This is a huge step : version V1.9 is now available thanks to the huge work by Stephane Ballandras with a little help from Vincent Grieu !
Tigres vs Hoplites ! Click to zoom
Added in this version :
  • All french teams with both their home and away jerseys !
    • Added Amiens 2, IFK 2, PUC 2
    • and of course a LOT of nice jerseys !
  • Nicer rink ads (salming, unihoc, exel, IFF...)
  • Nicer side ads (adidas, puma, asics, gerflor...)
Enjoy the game !

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wait for it...

Stephane is unstoppable at the moment, and we'll be able to give you all french teams with every jerseys both home and away in just a little while...

Apart from that, Prodigium Studios announced on their facebook page that they're working on a tool to find online servers : go and give those guys a "like" !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big update, V1.5 !

The next is now available, and it's a great jump forward. So let's not be afraid, and call it V1.5 ! Get it on the link at the top of the page.

Included a lot of work on teams, 95% by Stephane Ballandras :

  • Added Tigres du Grésivaudan 1 with home and away jerseys
  • Besançon Home jersey (orange and black)
  • Beziers Home and Away jerseys
  • 2 Savoies Home and Away jerseys
  • Ericsson Home jersey (white)
  • IFK Paris Short home
  • Nancy Home and Away jerseys
  • Orleans Home and Away jerseys
  • Wasquehal Home and Away jerseys
  • Paris UC Home jersey
  • Strasbourg Home and Away jerseys
  • Saint-Etienne revamped jerseys, plus goalie jersey
Also :
  • A lot of player numbers corrected, Tigres 1, 2 Savoies...send us your corrections !
  • Lyon profile pictures complete
  • Rink revamped with Unihoc ads on corners, IFF logos, white in progress
Did you see the video to present the V1.1 ? It's short, but in beautiful 1080p definition !

A short video to show the result in-game !

Download the latest version with the link on top of this page.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little update, V1.1

Here's already version 1.1,

Added :
  • FFFL Field with Unihoc and SlapshotMag ads, also D1 and D2 logos
  • Better FFFL League logo
  • Lyon Away jersey (white)
  • Amiens Home jersey (white)
Download the latest version with the link on top of this page.

First post : french teams v1.0 !

Created by Stéphane Ballandras from Saint-Etienne and Vincent Grieu from Caen, here is the first download : the french league, version 1.0 !

In this first version you will find :
  • 7 teams from the 1st division (out of 8, missing Tigres du Grésivaudan 1)
    • IFK Paris 1
    • Paris UC 1
    • Lyon FC 1
    • Nordiques FC
    • Amiens 1
    • Rascasses Marseille
    • Chats Biterrois
  • 14 teams from the 2nd division (out of 17, missing Amiens 2, IFK Paris 2, PUC 2)
    • Saint-Etienne Knights
    • Lyon FC 2
    • Strasbourg Sentinelles
    • Caen Floorball
    • Canonniers Nantes
    • Gladiateurs Orléans
    • Panthères Rennes
    • Phoenix Wasquehal
    • Ericsson Vikings
    • Grizzlys Hainaut
    • Dragons Besançon
    • Loups Lorrains
    • Tigres Grésivaudan 2
    • FC 2 Savoies
Work included :
  • French Floorball Federation (FFFL)
    • Field
    • Logos
    • Some rink ads
  • Teams
    • Logos
    • Jersey with detailed replicas for some teams
      • Saint-Etienne Home/Away
      • Caen Home/Away (with goalie outfit !)
      • Lyon Home
      • Strasbourg Home/Away
      • IFK Paris Home
    • Shorts
      • Caen
      • Lyon
  • Players
    • Names
    • 80% good numbering
    • Some player's pictures
      • Saint-Etienne
      • Lyon
Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, alpha version !

Download the latest version with the link on top of this page.

To install, be sure to have the game and editor updated, launch Floorball League Editor, select Main/Import League, select the FranceFloorballLeague - V1.0 .zip file, Save...and that's about it !