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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Version 1.9 is out and awesome !

This is a huge step : version V1.9 is now available thanks to the huge work by Stephane Ballandras with a little help from Vincent Grieu !
Tigres vs Hoplites ! Click to zoom
Added in this version :
  • All french teams with both their home and away jerseys !
    • Added Amiens 2, IFK 2, PUC 2
    • and of course a LOT of nice jerseys !
  • Nicer rink ads (salming, unihoc, exel, IFF...)
  • Nicer side ads (adidas, puma, asics, gerflor...)
Enjoy the game !


  1. did u change the looks of the players anyhow or was that just random generated when u made the team?


  2. Hi Olli and thanks for being the first comment on the site :)

    If you meant the faces, there are something like 10 pre-defined models. It is not random generated. But to create players quickly, we did a lot of "copy/paste" and 90% of the players have the same face...we could change it in next versions, but it's hard to find faces that look like the real players. It's also possible to create personnalised faces...but it seems really hard !

    The jerseys are not random generated at all, and now we have the real jerseys of every french team :)

    There are options to personnalise players as well : hair (length and color), wristbands, glasses, sticks (seems a bit hard to do), and shoes => I'm currently working on adidas, asics, puma shoes...looks really cool !

    Don't hesitate if you have more qestions !

    1. well i have more questions can u write me somewhere on my messenger or facebook on how to make jerseys and all this i learn quite fast and i want to make the norwegian League for the game! and hoped u would have it as a download on your page when i'm finished!


    2. Hello Oli,

      It's awesome to see you're interested :)

      I will put some advices, kind of a tutorial on this website, on how to make jerseys and other stuff. If you have questions that I did not answer, put a comment here and I'll answer it for everyone :)

      Also, you can add me on facebook if you want :

      I hope I'll be able to play with Tunet IBK soon ;)

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